Friday, December 5, 2014

Justice for Eric Garner!


The decision of the grand jury in Staten Island not to indict any of the cops who murdered Eric Garner is INTOLERABLE. This grand jury has allowed another murdering cop to walk free! POLICE MURDER MUST END NOW!

We all saw the cops approach and harass Eric Garner because they claim he was selling loose cigarettes. We all saw them choking the life out of him as he struggled to get out the words, “I can’t breathe,” again and again. We saw them standing over his lifeless body for minutes, offering him no CPR or other emergency assistance. And we saw the cop who had administered the chokehold, a procedure banned by the NYPD, wave to the video camera as he left the scene.

THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW! If you're at work or at school, post a sign in your lunch room or office. Send out tweets and e-mails. On campus? In an office downtown? Even two people with a small sign can be effective! Get together a group of friends and stage a die-in on the spot. Read what's happening across the U.S. and spread it. Everyone needs to speak out! Read  and spread this breaking news. Be sure to read all of the tweets from prominent people on the sidebar!

THEN ON SATURDAY EVENING, JOIN A PROTEST AT HONOLULU CITY LIGHTS! This is the opening night, with tree lighting and a parade. The entire event will be televised. Thousands will see us at the event itself as we chant "We can't breathe!" and "Black Lives Matter."

MEET IN FRONT OF THE CITY MUNICIPAL BUILDING BEFORE 5:30pm. That's at the corner of King & Alapai. Just look for our signs on the corner. We'll be there by 5pm. Take the bus or allow plenty of time to find parking! We'll have some signs but bring your own signs and noisemakers if you can.  At 5:30pm we'll be walking together to the corner of Punchbowl & King (near the tree-lighting ceremony).  We'll see you there!

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