Thursday, March 19, 2015

Demand Justice for Sheldon Haleck!
Friday, March 20, 4:30-5:30
Vigil from 4:30-5:30;  Press Conference at 5pm
King Street, in front of Iolan
i Palace

Sheldon Haleck posted this picture of himself with his son on Facebook on March 8, 2015.  One week later he was dead after being pepper sprayed and then tased twice by HPD.
Sheldon Haleck was 38 years old.  He was born in Samoa and moved to Hawai`i with his family as a child.  He graduated from Kaiser HS and owns a home in Milillani.   His facebook is that of a proud father, filled with pictures of his young son.  A friend he knew described him as  "very kind-hearted, soft and humble man,...Sheldon was loved by so many and always will be."
Reports of what happened are sketchy but there's enough to raise a big alarm. 

HPD alleges they were trying to arrest Sheldon on "suspicion of disorderly conduct" and that he became "combative" after being pepper sprayed and tased twice, and then tripped and fell to the street in front of Iolani Palace.  They allege they "escorted" him to the sidewalk, where he suddenly become "unresponsive"  and was transported to Queen's where he was pronounced dead. HPD has classified his death as an "unattended death."   Results of the autopsy are expected to take up to 4 weeks.

What happened to Sheldon Haleck?  What caused him to be "acting erratically" when his friends say this is completely "out of character?" Where are the witnesses?  Surveillance tapes?  (this is in front of Iolani Palace and the U.S. Post Office!).  Why should anyone trust a report by HPD given their record of cover-ups?  Remember the case of Stephen Dinnon of Waimanalo who was beaten by HPD and later died?  Or of Aaron Torres of Nanakuli, who was asphyxiated after calling HPD for help?

THIS MUST END!    WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO BE SILENT!  We must learn from the people of Ferguson, who rigteously rose up to demand justice for Michael Brown!

We must build a community that supports victims of police murder and brutality!

Join us on Friday, March 20, to demand justice for Sheldon Haleck!  Bring signs.  Bring flowers or messages for a memorial.

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